Monday, January 6, 2014

Last night in New Delhi -

Monday, January 6 - back in New Delhi

We've been in the news here . . .

Here's the link to an article by Tushar Gandhi about his time with us, and here's the link to an article about Saturday's concert at the Indian International Center (IIC) and in particular to Mr, Fisher's comments about the tension between India and the US. Note that Mr. Fisher is misquoted, that no one from the American Embassy said that we should not perform American songs.

And we've been to the Taj Mahal, so cross that one off the bucket list. 

Mr. Fisher had some help conducting at Dilli Haat market.

Everyone is packed and ready to go in the morning, and we snuck some pizza into the hostel tonight to celebrate the end of this magical concert tour.

Tomorrow at breakfast we will pass out pins, and give this Tour's version of the Paper Plate awards to celebrate the end of the KSB Grad and Alumni Concert Tour to India. 

Even though I really mean it when, like Fitz, my answer to the question "What's your favorite tour" is "The one I'm on!", India has been a singular journey. KSB Concert tours are magical, and we all love being on tour (most of the time!) but make no mistake about it - Tour really is hard work, and India was no exception. The boys (and the adults) are exhilarated and exhausted. It will take a long time (a lifetime?) to process what we have seen in India, from the poverty of the street children, to the crowded streets of the Old Market in Delhi, to the fabulous resort at Neemrana, to the insanity of the roads, to the US Embassy, the Taj Mahal, to our time with Arun and Tushar Gandhi. Woven through all that we have seen is the incredible  music that the boys have made together. A day hasn't gone by with out three or four peak experiences of a lifetime. It's just been another life changing KSB Concert Tour!

See you at 2:00am Wednesday morning at Penn Charter. We won't expect the usual KSB welcome home at that hour, and I understand the temperature will be in the single digits so you might want to throw your son's coat in the car!

There will be a couple more posts when we get home.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful sons with us - every one of them is everything you would want him to be when he is out in the world with us!

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