Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 3 - Delhi University and the Epicenter Concerts

January 3

Hope you are enjoying the snow and cold! 

 I expected the boys to be bummed to miss a snow day, and surprised to find that those who would have been in school Friday were really happy that there was a snow day since it means that they will miss one less day of school for the tour.

Two Concert Day 

We started our day at the Gandhi Center at Delhi University today, together with Arun Gandhi, who spoke about his grandfather's legacy. As he spoke, and as the Grads sang, two women spun on the charkha, the spinning wheel that was central to Gandhi's vision of self-sufficiency for the people of India.

With the director of the Gandhi Center at Delhi University

2nd Concert - Epicenter

Our 2nd concert was in a conference center  - 2 hours in Delhi Traffic, another experience to ask your son about - no kidding. You have never experienced anything like it!

We've come to like the Indian practice of having tea and a snack before a concert and dinner afterwords. Takes the edge off, and gives the guys something to look forward to afterwards!

We brought in an audio engineer to record these two final concerts. We'll see what we get!

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