Friday, December 27, 2013

Hello from New Delhi...Boys taking in London as I blog

Here's a photo of the boys getting ready to sing for arriving homestays yesterday.  Martha got several reports of the boys being "absolutely luuvely."  (hear English accent)

Disaster averted this morning. Trains going into London were cancelled this morning due to weather.  Luckily we tipped our bus drivers well after our airport transfer.  They were willing to save the day and run the boys into London this morning. Good thing or we would have lost our London eye appointments - and alot of money!

Word is the boys loved the London Eye, have done some street singing despite a little London fog and rain, and are now taking in the British Museum.

I'm already in India tending to a million details.  While at the US Embassy for a meeting, I took a photo of another safety block being removed from the front of the US Embassy in retaliation for the NY consulate incident. The police were not happy when they saw me taking the photo. They tried to take my phone so that they could erase it.  I told them I'd erase it myself.  But somehow it didn't erase

More later...

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