Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Eve hello from London!

I had a good flight on Virgin Atlantic from JFK. The boys will enjoy this airline.  The feel is retro-1950's, when commercial flying was relatively new. Fun!

The weather is rainy and windy - the sort of romantic notion we all have of London. Now, if it will only snow! Boys may want to bring a travel umbrellas. (small ones only!)

My first night in the UK was spent in Bechenham - 15 miles south of London - meeting our hostess, Jackie Sweet from All Saints Church. This is the area where the boys are being homestayed. We'll be doing a benefit concert for All Saints on Saturday. They need a new roof - it was leaking when I did the walk-thru!  But it's lovely and will make for a nice, little, intimate concert. Not sure what kind of audience we'll get - with it being a holiday week. But just as well.  A good break-in concert.

The Staff and Chaps are staying at the Inn Keeper's Lodge, up the street from All Saints Church and across the street from the train we'll take into the heart of London with the boys. It's a chain hotel, but it is quite quaint - in the old London tradition of pub and lodgings.  Our first Staff/Chap meeting will be over a traditional English buffet dinner on Boxing Day. Cozy...

I arrived in London proper today and am charting the course for the boys mega-day in London on Friday.  They'll be there from 9:30am to 9:30pm. It'll be a great chance to walk about one of the great cities of the world, get some fish and chips, sing some songs of the season - right out of Dickens novel!  It will be a great day.

More later...

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